Collaborative Family Law

Separating couples work with a team of lawyers, financial professionals and family professionals to negotiate a settlement.

The Basics
In collaborative family law you and your spouse hire a specially trained team of professionals.
What's The Difference?
Collaborative lawyers and other professionals are trained to negotiate without going to court.
The Commitment
You and your lawyers all sign an agreement promising to work together to find acceptable solutions.
How Committed?
If the collaborative process doesn't work, the lawyers will resign from the case so that there are no conflicts of interest.
The Financial Professional
Financial Professionals can help navigate complex financial negotiations and generate smart financial solutions.

VIDEO: What I've Learned About Divorce

A Collaborative Divorce Process can save you time, heartache and money Understand all your options!

VIDEO: What I've Learned About Divorce

It is more common for divorces to occur later in life. 28% of divorces occur in our 20s and 30s, 57% for those aged 40-59 and 15% for those over 60.

You Have Other Options Than Court

An Alternative To Court

Collaborative Divorce gives you the legal, financial and emotional support to make sound decisions and move on with your life.

A Collaborative Divorce Process means negotiating your separation without going to court!

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