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Mediation bridges the gap between negotiation and litigation and statistically shows a success rate in excess of 85 percent. Mediation breaks impasse by reducing emotion, increasing rationality, building desire for resolution, helping come up with creative solutions, and providing a confidential channel for communicating real goals.

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Mediation Fact
Of those who reached agreement in mediation, two-thirds agreed that spousal support was fair and were satisfied with the division of property.
(Kelly (1989): 279)
Mediation Facts
Research finds that mediation is less rushed and less "superficial" than courtroom proceedings. (Pearson (1989): 19)
Mediation Fact
Mediation has consistently proven to be effective in generating agreements on custody and visitation issues.
(Pearson (1989): 18)
Mediation Fact
Data does not support the view that those who choose to mediate are the couples with "easier" divorce cases.
(Kelly (1989): 267)
It is more common for divorces to occur later in life. 28% of divorces occur in our 20s and 30s, 57% for those aged 40-59 and 15% for those over 60.
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